It Takes Strength

It seems people want to take the easy path. America's recent move to the left shows how this sentiment is becoming commonplace. How soon people forget the history that made the United States the world leader. The qualities that made us great are gone. It is replaced with the "handout" mentality.

This is what is turning us into a second rate nation. Nowhere is personal responsibility promoted. Instead, our leaders teach the blame game. Also, we are taught to look for what we can get from each situation as opposed to what we can give. Many feel they are owed something by society. My vote is that we owe them a good swift kick in the ass.

For those of you who visit this site on a regular basis, you know that we believe in people taking control of their lives. It takes strength to do this. As mentioned, most do not want to engage in this. It is easier to sit back and see what someone will offer. We want a handout from the government. Or we believe that we deserve a raise based upon tenure instead of merit. Or we want our parents to buy us a new car. The list is endless. Rarely do we see anyone promoting the idea of earning something.

I am a firm believer that there is an opportunity in every situation. The shift over the last 20+ years to the "handout" mentality means that the path for others is easier. Simply put, there is less competition. People adopting the outlook that others need to do for them enables the go-getters to stand out.

Pursuing one's dreams opens up the possibility of ridicule and ostracizing by others. It is far easier to pull another down rather than lift oneself up. Remember this as you travel down your individual path to success. Many who are close to you will become your biggest detractors. It is a sad but true fact.
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