How Bad Will It Get?

The economy is in rough shape. We finally saw the economists admit what the rest of us knew, that we are in a recession. There is a Presidential campaign with new ideas being bantered about. Will they have any impact?

The big question is: Will this be a recession or a depression?

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Unknown said...


Richard McLaughlin said...

the biggest problem is people keep saying the worst.

Advice, don't sell your stock. If you sell, you are pulling the market down and you are locking in your loss. Ride the damn thing out, it is only a recession.

read http://cheapkeywords.info/a-conspiracy-of-imbeciles/ then breath in, breath out and move on.

Unknown said...

Things are never as bad as the media portrays. They like to exaggerate all negativity for their ratings.

aislinn said...

it's not going to be pretty for some

Steve said...

It's certainly a recession already, but I don't see it going any farther than that.


Recession but it may get a little worse till my boy Obama gets here
He will psychologically help the American people and it will be all good:)

Unknown said...

The United States is broke. Period.

Anyone who overlooks that fact is naive.

Unknown said...

Things arent all that bad. It is a recession but in the long run, those are good things. The "clearing" out holds advantages.

Most people are not too affected by this downturn. Losing retirement money when you have decades left to work allows recovery which will happen. Gas prices are dropping which helps people more than anything else.

Times will get better. But the end of the world is not here.

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