Getting Knocked Down

There are many who are being knocked down with the circumstances so difficult. Foreclosures, loss of job, health issues, etc... can arise in one's life without notice. Take Seve Ballesteros as an example. For those who do not know him, he is one of Europe's greatest golfer. Many believe he is the one who made European golf what it is today. In the last few weeks, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Naturally, an event like this radically alters one's viewpoint.

We are all dealt circumstances that are difficult. There is no shame in having hardship. The shame is allowing those situations to win. It is not how many times you are knocked down that matters; it is how often you get back up. Never is this more necessary than today.

There are always two choices when we encounter tough times. First, we can allow them to beat us. This is where one throws in the towel. Second, we can resolve to win. While we might lost that particular battle, we will be stronger for it, thus winning the war. Learning the lesson in each circumstance is a terrific way increase your strength. Life is one of the greatest teachers.

How are you going to respond to what you are currently experiencing? Watching human behavior provides the above choices clearly. Some opt to mope around while blaming everyone else. These are the ones who throw in the towel. Life wins repeatedly because their behavior is repeated. Others get motivated. They muster up the determination necessary to excel in spite of trying circumstances. Which direction are you headed? Consider this when you look at what you are going to do in the next 24 hours. Select those actions which will move you forward.
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