Get Off The Pity Pot

I hear so many complaining about how bad their plight is. Hold on, let me get my violin. I apologize for my sarcasm but this concept goes against everything that we promote on this site. People love to dwell upon their misery. They cannot help but throw themselves a pity party. "Woe is me" is the theme.

Get real. One of my closest advisers likes to say that "we live in the land of milk and honey". How true that statement is for anyone who lives in the industrialized countries of the world. If your life is pathetic, that is your fault. Until you accept this fact, life will continue to go as it is. Blaming others for our plight gives them all the power.

It is time to get off the pity pot. If you want to have something to bitch about, try living for a few years in Africa. There is a continent which knows poverty. Go and visit the roughly 3/4 of a billion people in India who are living in a state of starvation. Regardless of your situation, there are millions of individuals around the world who would trade places with you in an instant.

I heard of a man who was in the process of losing his $350,000 home outside Los Angeles to foreclosure. His response to this "tragedy" was to kill his family then himself. Are you kidding me? A family is wiped out because of the shame and guilt someone felt over losing a piece of real estate. This is insane.

Fortunately, few ever go to this length. Nevertheless, they will continually complain about how awful their life is. This is so childish. Stop the desperate cries for attention and grow up. If you need something to pay attention to you, get a dog. Other than that, shut up. We all have our troubles in life. That is part of the deal. We do the best we can while learning the lesson in each situation.

For those of you who cannot identify with the behavior I am describing, I have great news. Since the majority like to do this, it is easy for you to stand out. Resist any temptation to throw/join a pity party. Get off you duff and do what is needed to succeed. There are opportunities arising everyday if you will seek them out. Just be sure to wave to those who are wasting time bitching as you pass them by on your road to success and happiness.
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