Get Excited About Your Life

"Most people live a life of quiet desperation" -Henry David Thoreau

It is over a century since Thoreau uttered these words. However, never were they as applicable as they are today. People are struggling because they lost touch with what is important. There is so much more to life than what people are experiencing. Yet so many just trudge along hoping things will change.

We are a generation of instant gratification. The "MTv" generation grew up needing to be continually entertained. We were taught that "stuff" was important while holding the key to our happiness. To fulfill this quest, we went into debt praying that someday things would turn out right. They never did.

This left many people jaded. The prescription for happiness turned out to be flawed. In the end, many are confronted with the same misery each day. They exist in a comfort zone which they are accepting. The idea of venturing outside of this is incomprehensible to these individuals. They rationalize their plight by telling themselves that "it is not that bad". Nevertheless, they are living a life of quiet desperation.

I caught Dr. Phil's show over the weekend. He brought up an interesting point. His idea is that it is time to get excited about your life. If you are not, there is no one to blame but you. The choices that we make lead to the results we get. I wrote last week about the concept of personal responsibility. This is an example of it. The decision to be excited about the life we lead is a personal choice each of us can make. Failure to do so is not the fault of another. Now is the time to start.

Get excited about your life and exciting things will start to happen.
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