Clarity Is Key

"Most people do not get what they want because they do not know what they want."

Never was a truer statement uttered. The sad thing is most believe they know what they want. Yet, when they are questioned, it is realized they have no idea. Their life is spent expending effort energy chasing a moving target. It is little wonder that most fail miserably.

What do you truly want? This is the question from which all your success comes. Without answering this clearly, you will be mired in an endless loop. All great achievements stem from the clarity that comes with making a decision. It is now time to decide what you want.

Focus is an important aspect of success. I find that it is impossible to focus completely when there is a lack of clarity. Concise ideas are much easier to follow. A builder cannot construct a home without accurate blueprints. The same is true for your life. Without the clarity that comes from knowing exactly what you want, your masterpiece will be substandard.

Get clear about what you want. Spend some time writing the type of relationships that you want. Set a path for your life. This is a fantastic journey. It gets better when you get concise about how you want things to transpire.
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