The Big Picture

Do not worry. This is not a suicidal note or anything like that. However, periodically, I think about death. It usually occurs upon the anniversary of somebody's death who I was close to. This occurred over the weekend since I lost a buddy of mine a little over a year ago.

What I often dwell upon is "what does it all mean?". We spend our days dealing with the trials and tribulations only to wake up dead. Many plan for life in their later years only to pass on long before ever reaching it. It makes me wonder what the point is.

This is a rather pessimistic view. The flip side is there is a perspective which we need to adhere to. How important is it all? Consider the last time you were enraged. Was it worth it? What was it over and how important is it really? These are questions which will help you keep things in perspective.

Many philosophies teach that there are no big deals. This is true. Another way of looking at it is "what will this matter in 100 years?". If something is not lasting, is it really a big deal? Probably not.

So where does this leave us? I really do not have the answer to that. I guess it all comes down to individual faith or belief system. However, I can tell you whatever you are upset about is not worth it. In the grand scheme of time, we are only here a short while. It is best to make the most of it.

This begins by concentrating on what is important in life. Too often people spend their waking hours pursuing things that are of little relevance. Remember this while you are angrily plugging along at your "to do" list. Most of what is on their is absolutely inconsequential.

Ask yourself "what can I create that will have a lasting impact?". While few ever are remembered past the people who knew him/her, there is a chance you will create something that has impact. Books, businesses, paintings, and organizations all can outlive their originators. People who look to build something lasting often do.

Begin today by shifting your mindset. If it is important, pursue with complete vigor. In the end, even if you fail to create something lasting, you will have led a fulfilled life. And, that should be the goal of each person.
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