9 Ways To Improve Your Life

1. Give more than anyone asks or expects. Become a person who goes the extra mile in all that you do. Look at each situation and determine what extra you will provide. Give without expecting anything in return, including acknowledgment from others.

2. Ease up. The old saying “someday we will laugh about this” epitomizes how unimportant many things are in the grand scheme of things. Reduce the stress by remembering that everything will work out alright. Look at each situation as an opportunity to learn and grow while remembering to laugh.

3. Master you habits. Your habits are either empowering or disempowering. Determine the habits that adversely affect you then begin the process of eliminating them.

4. Examine your closest influences. We are all products of our environment. Everyone around us has input into our personalities, beliefs, and ideals. Make sure that those who are closest to you are assisting in moving you forward rather than prohibiting your progress.

5. Entertain the child within. Remember to take time to do that which you love. Too often we get focused on the drive to move ahead that we forget to engage the child within. Recharge you batteries by spending regular time doing what you are passionate about.

6. Resolve your unfinished business. Activities left unresolved have the ability to drain a great deal of energy out of us. Reclaim this energy by cleaning up all the old business and putting it to rest. Pay the old debts, discard old things, and tie up all other loose ends.

7. Focus. Focus. Focus. Get rid of the sloppiness in life by placing extra focus upon all that you do. Develop the habit of doing one thing at a time until it is completed. Pay attention to the details that make a difference.

8. Spend time creating your life. Most people allow circumstances to dictate the type of life they lead. Set aside each day to ponder what type of life that you want to live. Consider your dreams, traits that you want, and what you would like to contribute. Become proactive in the creation of your own life.

9. Invest in the most valuable computer in the world-your mind. Read books and listen to cds that expand your knowledge base. Learn new skills that will enhance you financially, mentally, and physically. Garner and utilize the knowledge available to better your life.
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