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How can you take control of your life if it was out of control for so long? If you are like most, the past 20 or 30 years went by without much of an improvement in what you are accomplishing. It often seems that you are mired in the same endless loop which plagues so many. What can you do to reverse this trend?

There is a simple way to get things moving in a different direction. It is something that many do yet seem to miss the full benefit of it. The tool that will help you is a simple to-do list. This is the one thing that can make a difference in all that you achieve.

Have you ever had a day where you tried to figure out what to do. Typically, this is one of our days off that we experience this. Since someone else did not set our agenda, we seem to not know what to do. A list helps us to focus on what is important for that day.

Many make the mistake of listing 200 things that they are going to accomplish. This tends to be counterproductive. List only the most important activities for the day; perhaps 5-10 items. Then, go do them. If those items on your list have a big impact on your life, then you will feel like a lot was completed.

Having something written in front of you helps you to control you time and your actions. Breaking through procrastination is usually as simple as doing the next thing on the list. If we remove the tendency to think about something, we can move forward rapidly. One factor of successful time management is to rid ourselves of wasted time due to procrastination. Handle that which is important in a timely manner.

Write down the 5-10 most important things for you to do daily in the next 7 days. Attend to these activities first each day and notice how much more productive you week is. Accomplishing 35-70 high impact activities will make a difference in how you feel and the results that you get. Try it to see the magic in a list.
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1 comment:

KerulLibrary said...

Some good suggestions here. Planning and scheduling can mean the difference between many loose ends versus getting everything accomplished in good time.

But don't think all procrastination (or productivity, for that matter) is created equal.

It can sometimes be good to procrastinate - it can lead to less struggle, delay (counter-intuitive, but true), and more optimal functioning.

There's a new book out titled Productive Procrastination, and it describes how to do it, how to tell productive from destructive procrastination, and how to end the destruction kind. It's available on Amazon.com. Learn more about the book at www.Procrastivity.com

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