4 Steps To Better Motivation

This is one of the keys to all success. It is the foundation upon which all achievement is based. Without motivation, one faces a tough time reaching the higher levels in life.

People who trudge through life lack passion. It is sad to witness someone with so much potential who chooses to throw it all away because of a lack of drive in life. Most people fall into this category in one way or another. A lot of this stems from the conditioning of society. The "go to school to get a good job" mentality robs people of all their inner energy. Instead, people settle for less than they are capable of.

How does one go about creating more motivation in one's life? Here are a few basic steps that one can take which will inspire.

1. Focus on what you will feel when you achieve it.

Let us use the example of weight loss. People often want to focus upon how fat they are. A more helpful way to view it is to picture yourself as the size 3 or having those buff muscles. Feel how it is to be in that shape already. Internalize the emotions so they take hold at a cellular level.

2. Break the task down into smaller tasks.

The old saying is "how do you eat an elephant? One bit at a time". Whatever you are trying to accomplish will seem daunting, especially if you set a larger goal for yourself. This is a demotivating energy. Overwhelm does not stimulate motivation. Therefore, break the task down into manageable pieces.

3. Celebrate your successes.

In the weight loss example, do something special for yourself with every 10-15 pounds that you lose. Rewards yourself for a job well done. If you have built in points for success, you will be motivated as you get closer. One does not need to pull off an astonishing feat to celebrate. It is the little things that do make the difference.

4. Enlist the help of another.

Accountability is better if it comes from someone else. Too often we will buy our own excuses. It is too hot to go for a walk. This sounds reasonable to us, even if it is the dead of winter. Another will help to push us when the desire to pull back is there.

Those are a few steps that will help you to get motivated. Follow then to see your success rate increase drastically.
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Anonymous said...

I think step one is an important one, the need to think of how you will feel when something you wish to achieve is finally achieved instead of how you feel NOW. positive thinking goes along way to helping you get into the right frame of mind to tackle anything you want to

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