4 Skills Necessary

In the last post, I referred to the importance of education. If one is to be successful, it is critical that time be invested into furthering one's knowledge. Trying to get through life by applying only what is known is like showing up at a gun fight with a knife. You are severely shorthanded against the competition.

To be successful, there are a few areas that require attention. In his bestselling book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki spells out four areas that are vitally important. Concentrate you attention in these areas to push yourself down the path to success.

1. Financial literacy: He describes this as the ability to read numbers.

2. Investment strategies: Putting your money to work for you.

3. The Market: Knowing the simply economic cycles of supply and demand.

4. The Law: Understanding how to operate within different regulations for maximum benefit.

Having a good foundation in all these areas will help your success. In sports, there are fundamentals which the top people master. The same is true if you seek financial success. Mastering certain fundamentals will lead to abundance.
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