5 Tips For Success On Digg

You heard all about all the traffic that you can get from Digg simply by submitting a story or article. Post it up there and let them come to you. It is a wonderful concept but there is a lot more to it than that. New people sabotage themselves by taking the wrong approach to this animal. They want to instantly get a story on the front page without doing anything to “earn” it. If you want to be successful on Digg, it is important to let the others on there know that you are a serious person.

Following there are five suggestions for improving your chances of success.

  1. Digg. Digg. Digg.

Do not do anything else until you reach at least a minimum of 1,000 diggs. So often I get friend requests from people with 10s or 100s of diggs. To get something in this environment, you must first give. Diggs are the currency which everything operates. Show that you are a person worthy of another's attention by first digging his or her stuff. We follow the axiom to get you must first give.

  1. Add friends in groups of 20-30 at a time.

Again, I check out profiles of friend requests only to see that the person asked 200-300 people at the same time. Half of my computer screen is covered with names of people who they added to the list. It was a mass friend appeal. While there is nothing wrong with adding so many friends, it lacks credibility unless you have lots of diggs. The ones who do this usually have under 500 diggs to their credit. This simply gives the impression of someone who wants everyone else to digg his/her submissions. Early on, slow but steady is the motto.

  1. When adding friends, stay within your range.

If you stepped out onto a baseball field, would you expect to be added to the MLB All-Star team? The answer is obviously “No”. Yet many seem to think that they should rub elbows with the heavy hitters on the site. Many newcomers go directly to the top 100 list and send friend requests to all of them. This is a waste of time. Even at the 1,000 posts, you have not shown that you have what it takes to operate in this arena. I suggest you try to add those who have between3,000-7,000 Diggs. You can get involved with the others as your totals grow. Also, as your Digg total grows, other will begin to come to you.

  1. Comment. Comment. Comment.

This is a participation sport. Posts that are commented on draw more interest from others who come behind later in the day. Comments are another way to garner attention. It takes a bit more time to do it this way, but it is certainly worth the hassle. The one who submitted the article or photo will sincerely appreciate this. Do it enough and you will be on their radar. This is one thing which will separate you from some of the masses who are out there.

  1. Submit with care

There are many arguments that are made about how much should you submit. I am a believe that less is more. It is really frustrating to go to my reader and see 15-20 submissions by the same person (or 40). Those in the Top 100 have earned the right to do things this way. Someone new has not. To digg these articles takes a good deal of time. If this was my only contact, it would not be bad. Yet I have over 100 messages each time I go in there and I hit it up at least 3 times per day. Personally, I limit my submissions to 2-3 per day. This way I am not overloading my friends.

Everybody who is on Digg was new at one point. However, you do now have to act like you have absolutely no clue what is going on. Follow these suggestions and I guarantee that you will get a decent amount of quality friends within a month. Quality will often trump quantity on Digg.

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Reccemaster - J said...

I'll tell you one thing that REALLY get my goat on dig is people shouting me 4, 5 and 6 times a day.... and to be honest, according to your post regarding the right to do stuff because they digg loads. Sorry, but thats wrong. Most of those I see abusing (spamming) are people who have ridiculously high Diggs... most of which I can just imagine have never been read.

One important point I feel you missed was don't add anyone without actually looking (and digging) there submissions or favs.

Diggs not a click exchange - or is it?

Gayane Dallakyan said...

Thanks! Very good. Found you on Digg and wanted to share good feelings about these tips. Already shared with friends in other forums.

iPhone Reviews said...

I'm a bit of newbie myself on Digg, so I welcome any polished wisdom from "older" folks...
Thanks for this.

brightlight said...

I try to digg only that which I am interested in and am NOT competing to be the top digger, only to get stuff out there that is of interest and should be known by all. This is not a competition for popularity is it? I used to shout everything I found of interest too but have cooled down on that too as people moaned about too many shouts!!!

Paiute8 said...

I just started doing his on my own
Thank you I need all the help I can get

ARMINA5 said...

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Herbert said...

I found this article very informative. I had not thought about the points you elaborated on and therefore found myself going Hmmm.

Well said.

Thank You

Paiute8 said...

Any help I can get is more than i had to start with so thank you

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