5 Productivity Tools That Kill Productivity

1. Excessive To Do Lists

A to do list is commonly used by people who attain success. It is a goal list for the day. Yet, people negate the benefit of this tool by listing everything conceivable that needs to be done. One gets paralyzed when there is a list that is impossible to finish. It is best to put only the 5-10 most important activities on there.

2. Overuse of the Internet/Software

The computer saves us a lot of time. Tools such as email, im, and word processing can make our lives easier while increasing productivity. They also can kill it by becoming excessively used. People can spend hours handling all that communications. It is best to limit these to only a few times a day.

3. Talking About Goals.

Goals are critical to your success. Talking about them does little to help in the accomplishing of them. Action is what fulfills goals. People who talk about their goals often tend to be avoiding the action necessary to achieve them. There is a time to start talking and get busy.

4. Always Looking For A Better Way.

Some feel the need to continually change everything. They start fresh every 90 days or so. There is an old saying "if it isnt broke, dont fix it". Also, it is easier to keep something in motion as opposed to setting it in motion. Restarting all the time stops the power of momentum.

5. Questioning Instead Of Doing.

Why is one of the most revealing questions. It can uncover a lot about us and what makes us tick. Also, most of us tend to be doubting Thomases, not taking anything at face value. Continually asking why can be a time waster. Often, it is best to just get busy.

Use these productivity tools for what they were designed for. Avoiding excessive use or dependence upon them will lead to an increase in what you get done.
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