The Olympic Success

Michael Phelps is the story this week at the Olympics. Presently, he tied Spitz's record of 7 golds with another race left to go. He already has the most gold medals in American history. This is a feat that is remarkable no matter how one breaks it down. Phelps is an Olympic hero.

Let us look at your life. Are you anywhere close to be an Olympic champion in your field. For most, the answer is "No". They are drifting through life constantly hoping that things get better yet never realizing that possibility. There is no dream within them.

Let us reverse this trend by looking at what makes Phelps a champion and apply the four basic components to our lives. This is what separates Phelps from all others.

1. Physical: He is physically gifted in this area. Are you naturally cut out to do what you are doing? This might be physically, but also includes passion, desire, mental ability, and natural love for that career path. We are all "designed" to do something. Success starts with aligning ourselves with that natural ability.

2. Practice, practice, practice: Phelps swims over 3 miles everyday. Do you put in the effort to practice your craft? This would include studying, reading, or modeling the successes of those who are achieving what you desire. Become an expert in your field. Phelps is not only physically gifted, he honed his craft to the point where each stroke is like it was done by a machine.

3. Mental Outlook: All the great ones have this. Phelps, like Tiger Woods and others, believes he is going to win every race before it starts. His ability is not in doubt. Do you have this same outlook? Is the belief that you are going to excel in whatever you are doing present within you? For most, it is not. The champions have this as a basis for all their achievement.

Focus you attention on these three areas. If you find that you are lacking in any of them, this is an indication of what is holding you back. Uncover what you natural desire is, work hard at it, and believe that you will excel and you will find that success is a daily part of your life.
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