Steps To Handling Any Task

This is a guaranteed method that will get you to overcome procrastination while taking action that is needed. Many allow their minds to deter them from moving forward. They have a tendency to project into the future while seeing negative results. This can include the proverbial “making a mountain out of a mole hill”. We often focus on how large the task is in front of us. Rarely do we recognize the fact that it usually is not as bad as we made it out to be.

The hardest part about any activity is getting started. Physics teaches us that it takes the most energy to get something moving from a stationary position. It takes more fuel to get a commercial airplane off the ground than it does to keep it in the air. The same principle applies to you. Getting yourself to take action is harder then continuing once you started.

So how do we get started? Follow these three steps to see a noticeable increase in your productivity.

  1. Make a list of all the steps needed to complete the project.

  2. Choose three from the list that are the simplest and easiest to complete

  3. Do those things immediately

This will get you to take action. Many teach handling the hardest item first. This is applicable of one does not have an ongoing battle with procrastination. However, for those who deal with this foe, it is best to get started somehow. Selecting that which can be easily handled will help overcome this. Then, once you are going, it becomes a bit easier to continue. Try this the next time you are putting something off.

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