Success Starts In Your Head

What is it that makes Donald Trump different than everyone else? Why is he more successful than most even though he encountered his share of difficulties over the years? Simply, because he believes that he will come out on top. The factor that separates him from most others is the thoughts that he consistently maintains in his head.

Let me ask you: how excited would Donald Trump be to make $1,000 on a deal? To him, this is not something to get excited about. He has a mindset that is set at a much higher level. How about you? What are you beliefs about this? Is your mind set at a level of minimal value? If you are like most, it is.

Success is a result of your thinking. Norman Vincent Peale revealed this concept to us in the middle of the last century. Thinking is what determines out thinking because it is the one thing that is responsible for the action we take. Positive thoughts will lead you to take positive action. However, the reverse is also true. It is one's negative thinking which prevents the taking of action.

Do you want to be a success? If so, break the stranglehold on the thinking that causes self doubt. Society has a way of telling us that we are not worthy. We compound this by believing that failure is possible. It is not. There is no such thing as failure; only results. We can achieve one of two things in any situation. Success is one outcome: the other is a learning experience. Notice how there is no failure there. If things do not work out the way we want, we can learn from the situation. It is all a matter of perspective. Decide today what type of life you want to lead.
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