3 Steps To Success

The recent Olympics shows us the value of having a goal. Each of the competitors trained for years to get where they are right now. To hone their craft, they spent 8-10 hours a day perfecting the techniques. For this to occur, they had to have an overriding goal to perform in the Olympics.

It is said that success can only result if there is clarity. So many of us are unsure what it is we want. This uncertainty results in us not claiming the success which is available to all of us. Success is not a great secret. There are certain clues which we can follow which will lead to the outcome we desire. It is simply a matter of following what the champions did.

Here are a few things which will help you achieve your goals.

1. Decide what you want:

This sounds like it should be a given, yet most do not know what they truly desire. Get crystal clear about where you would like your life to go. Think like an Olympic athlete. That person is certain as to the eventual outcome desired.

2. Break your overriding goal into a series of steps:

It takes time to reach the Olympics. There are a series of steps which need to be taken before that goal is accomplished. The same is true for anything in your life that you desire. Set out a path to reach the outcome that you crave. Every goal can be broken down into a set of smaller steps. This will make your path easier.

3. Get a mentor:

Olympic athletes have a number of coaches who guide them towards their goals. While you might not be able to afford the personal attention, guidance can come from many different areas. Copy the success of others by reading about their lives and the actions taken. Biographies are a wonderful way to pick up the clues of success.

Use these three steps to accomplish whatever you desire.

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1 comment:

Mrs. Laughing Pants said...

I agreed that success is not hard to achieve but you've to have the will power to stay the course. I like your tips on success. Using sports to teach success lesson is a great way to show the connection. Many readers can relate to sports. Thanks for sharing.

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