Live Like You Are Dying

This was a hit song for Tim McGraw a few years back. It is one of those that is really inspirational. Part of the theme is to tell the listener to live like he or she is dying. The reality of things is that is exactly what is happening to each of us. Shakespeare wrote that we start dying the day we are born. Each day brings us one step closer to the end.

I write this not to sound morbid but, rather, to awaken all to the fact that life is short. Nobody wants to look back over his/her life with regret. Yet, most do. How many of us put things off until tomorrow, next week, or next year. The truth is that time may never arrive.

The time to get started is now. Life is passing us by each day. Most of us approach things like we have an eternity. We never know when we will be at the end, thus we feel there is plenty of time. In turn, we put our dreams on hold. Life becomes nothing more than a waiting game.

The successful take a different track. They know that time is a limited resource that is meant to be invested. Instead of wasting each day, put those hours to profitable use. If you want a return on your time, use it wisely. Remember, unlike money, you cannot recoup time that is lost. One it is gone, it is that way forever.

"Live like you are dying". Imprint this motto firmly in your head. Consider the idea of how you would live your life if you found out you only had a year to live. How would plans for tomorrow change? Would you still do the same things that you have planned? Or would you do something different?

My question is how do you know that you do not have only a year to live? None of us are aware when we will be out of time. Getting started on the dreams we have is an ideal approach. Putting everything off until tomorrow is a surefire way to have regret. When you look back over the years, do you want to have a path wrought with I wish and I should have? Or do you want to be able to lay your head down with a smile on your face knowing that you gave it all you had? If you are like most, you want the latter. The way to get this is to live like you are dying.
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