This is a fan favorite of all the victims out there. Nobody can be a good victim without making excuses for all that happens in life. Whatever the circumstances, there is always a reason for it transpiring. Personal responsibility is not in the cards for these individuals.

The successful take the exact opposite track. They know they are responsible for all that happens in their lives. This is how they retain power. Whenever I blame someone (something) else for what occurs in my life, I am giving that person power over me. When this happens, if I want change, I will have to wait for that person to change. This is not the definition of personal power.

Whenever you encounter someone who is continually making excuses, rest assured that you are dealing with one who comes from a place of weakness. Their conditioning is such where they need to play the victim in everything they do. And, a victim never wins. Remember that.

The simple truth is that there are times when things do not occur as planned. Business deals go awry. The stock market goes the wrong way. You one and only love runs off with another person. Life is full of surprises. This is true for everyone who walks the planet. Nobody has a crystal ball to predict the future. The strong know this and accept what happens. The weak make excuses.

One of Warren Buffet's investment criteria with looking at a company is the strength of management. When looking at the ability of a CEO, Buffet says to read the annual reports. In his estimation, this is where you can garner the type of person leading the company. He looks for those who stand up and take the blame when things do not go as planned. Everyone makes mistakes. Buffet wants to deal with someone who doesnt make excuses while trying to pass the blame to someone else.

You should expect the same thing in your life. If you are one who habitually makes excuses for things that happen, it is time to stop that behavior. You are free to decide whether you are going to come from a place of strength or weakness. Making excuses is always a weak man's approach. The strong take responsibility.

The same concept applies to those around you. Involve yourself with people who resist the desire to place blame and make excuses. Cut these people out of your life like a surgeon does cancer. When it comes to your success, these people are just as fatal.
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