Balls Of Steel

The title of this post refers to exactly what the imagery produces. To be successful in life, you need to have "balls of steel". In others words, being weak is a sure path to failure. One needs to be confident and sure of oneself while traveling up the ladder. Look at anyone who is at the top of any field and you will see how they were able to keep forging ahead in spite of challenges.

Success rarely comes easy. The path to the top is wrought with all kinds of dangers. Many give up their dreams too easily; the moment they encounter resistance. This is not the mindset of the successful. They believe that they will attain their goals...no matter what.

How does that compare to the average person. He or she doesnt have the "no matter what" mindset. Instead, most people have the "I hope it works" outlook. They go after their goals tentatively. Boldness is not an adjective used to describe these people.

There is no success in safety. The elite are willing to step out of the comfort zone in search of achievement. They certainly take the road that is less traveled. Their interest lies in forging new ground as part of their quest for excellence. Of course, this takes a great deal of courage.

Make no mistake: everyone questions whether they should throw in the towel. Nevertheless, the successful are the ones who resist the fear-based self talk and move onward. There are times when honest analysis reveals poor choices. However, this is a remarkably different than listening to fear. Decisions based upon sound reasoning and analysis are always recommended. Giving up hope because of fear is not.

I learned a great deal about myself in trading options. This is a vehicle that can help one make a lot of money quickly. At the same time you can lose it just as fast. Entering into this arena is a slippery slope. Success depends upon having the nerve to make the proper decision at the right time. Emotions of fear can crop up with every setback. Knowing when to fall back on one's plan requires a tenacity that few have. The "balls of steel" analogy applies to the type of investing.

Over the years I learned that it applies to success in all areas. Everything worthy in life involves some degree of risk. At times, it is easy to question whether we should continue or not. These are the times where we most often have to check our internal fortitude. There is a tremendous payoff for accomplishment. However, to enjoy this, we need to risk failure. Staying in the game often requires "balls of steel".
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