Willing To Do It

One of the main secrets to success is having the willingness to do what others aren't willing to do. It is that simple. Success is nothing more than a path to follow. Nevertheless, most are not willing to put forth the effort to achieve the ends desired. Instead, they seek the easier way which keeps them in the middle of the crowd.

Fear is the primary reason why people walk the safe path. I would say that most people have aspirations of something more. In addition, the knowledge exists to achieve almost any goal one has. Therefore, the only thing that prevents one from taking the necessary action is fear. This is the stumbling block that most cannot overcome.

Life is a risk. Ask anyone who almost got hit while crossing the street. Each year, hundreds of people drown in their own bathtubs. I could list an assortment of other routine activities then ends in death. Yet, most of us do not give a thought to partaking in these activities because the probability of success is so high. Thus we achieve our ends without a thought of fear.

Now, compare that to the idea of starting your own business. How does that resonate with you? If you are like most, your excitement is coupled with fear. Thinking about losing that "paycheck" is a scary proposition for many. Projecting forward, people often look at all that can go wrong. In the end, fear stops moving forward no matter how exciting the potential payoff might be.

We see this situation repeated over and over. Why do you now not invest in the stock market? Is it because you are afraid of losing money? If you do invest in the market, why do you not invest in options which have a much higher payout? Is it because you heard of the increased risk and are again afraid of losing money?

The bottom line is that people make money in the stock market, trading options, and starting businesses. Those who overcome fear are able to enjoy the rewards. Certainly, I am not saying any of these routes is easy and without effort. Nor will I state there are not risks associated with each one. However, those who are able to overcome fear are able to profit.

All successful people do the things that others are not willing to do. While many enjoy a cocktail at happy hour after work, those who get ahead remain at the office late. Or they invest time outside work studying their craft. They will involve themselves with self-improvement programs in an effort to progress. Motivation, knowledge, and an increased ability are daily goals. This is a drastic break from the mainstream.

Start to look at those areas of your life that will separate you from everyone else. Focus your actions on achieving successful ends by doing what others are unwilling to do. It is in those areas that you will find your key to achievement. Success is simple if you are willing to go for it. Most are not and that is how you can separate yourself from the crowd.
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