Get Busy

Start your day off right. This is a wonderful thing for all of us to remember. The best way to ensure that you have a happy, productive day is to get it started on the right foot. Obviously, what is done will differ for each person but the premise holds true for all of us.

Many start their day off by grabbing a cup of coffee (with lots of caffeine) and a donut. This is not the best idea if you are seeking to get into shape. The bottom line is that we want our first actions to move us in the proper direction.

Momentum is one of the most power forces we have access to. Physics proved that it takes less energy to keep an object in motion than it does to get that same object moving. Guess who the object is in this instance? The hardest part of most activities is getting started.

When I am suffering from inertia, I spend an incredible amount of time "looking for something to do". Naturally, this is insane since I have a litany of projects that need my attention. Yet, when my motivation is suffering, I fail to take the actions that are needed. Instead, I will procrastinate by seeking out something that "strikes me" or spending time on meaningless tasks that provide no real value. I am doing the exact opposite of "getting busy".

This morning is the opposite of that. I am writing this post within 30 minutes of getting out of bed. There are days that I struggle with "writer's block". However, recently I have a list of topics I want to write about. There is absolutely no reason for me to wait to create this article. Therefore, I took the initiative and started writing. The hardest part was opening up the browser and going to my blogger page.

I stress the importance of this concept. It is imperative to remember that the hardest part of any task is actually getting started. Salespeople will tell you the hardest call for them to make is the first one of the day. We, as humans, tend to project about things in a negative manner. This leads us to procrastinate. As Anthony Robbins like to say, "procrastination is the silent killer". It simply saps us of our lives.

Action is the simple solution to procrastination. One caveat that I will put in at this time: for most, getting busy doing anything is a major advancement. We are often taught that it is important to focus our time and attention on the right tasks. I agree with this statement. However, since most individuals major in slothfulness, I believe that develop the ability to take action is crucial. This is done by getting busy on whatever tasks are in front of you. After you gained the capability to act, then you can start prioritizing your life. In the beginning, however, just get busy doing something.

Until next time, live sensationally.
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