When does change occur? What is the point that it takes hold and things are different? The answer to these questions is that change takes place in a moment. Regardless how long it takes to get to the point, all change happens the instance we decide to do something differently. This is true no matter what the circumstance.

This is a lesson that anyone who was addicted to drugs or alcohol understands. One will travel down the path of substance abuse until he or she reaches the point where going on is no longer possible. Once one truly avails oneself to the addiction and firmly decides "no more", then the path to recovery commences. However, as long as that person harbors a reservation that he or she can continue as such, the addition will win out. Nothing changes until the decision to quit is made.

All aspects of life are exactly the same. Change occurs at the point on resolves to make it. For example, a weight issue is something that many people battle. Most have endured the yoyo diet where they lose some weight only to put it back on again. The reason this happens is the person does not resolve to change. He or she might opt to follow a different diet plan for a spell which nets results. However, over time, the old behavior is engaged which results in the weight going back on. In the end, no change was made.

Here is something that most do not like to hear: you can change anything in your life. There is nothing that is beyond the capability to alter if you are willing to do it. This process starts with making a true decision. Tony Robbins defines a true decision as "cutting off any other possibility". What this means is that you affirm in your mind that you will reach whatever goal you are setting down for yourself. The change will take place "no matter what".

Ultimately, one needs to get to the point where he or she has had enough. Pain is a wonderful motivator. Many seek to avoid it. Do not fall into this trap. Embrace pain and what it has to offer you. Failing to do so will shortchange yourself. I once heard that we all need 100% of our own pain to make the changes in life that we need to. Until we reach that point, everything is fleeting.

So, have you had enough? Are you tired of being overweight? Is that dead end job finally struck you down to the point where you cant stand another day of it? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to make the necessary changes in whatever areas you desire? Will you do everything you can to make your desires come true? Can you make a "true decision" or are you just continuing to hope?

All change is within your reach. You just need to decide that you want it. When you do, the process is started.
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