Knowing What You Want

There is a saying I heard a number of years ago that always rang true with me. Most people dont get what they want because they do not know what they want. Those who have the ability to clarify in their minds what they desire, in detail, are able to attain the results they are seeking. Unfortunately, this is the small minority. The majority drift through life allowing circumstances to dictate what they enjoy. People live in a reactive mode.

Being Proactive

Successful people seem to share one common trait: they make things happen in their lives. As opposed to sitting back and waiting for circumstances to go their way, they attack their lives without abandon. They are determined to achieve the ends that they set down for themselves. This is a radical difference from the masses who take the exact opposite approach. Living in a reactionary mode is death.

The first step in your path to a better life is for you to decide to be proactive from this point going forward. Just because things did not work out in the past does not mean that is how it will go in the future. History is littered with people who failed before they achieved ultimate success. In fact, it often seems like failure is a prerequisite for success.

Once you decide to be proactive, you need to set yourself on a path to follow. This is an extremely difficult task for many. We all have seen the millions of goal setting programs out there and, many of us, tried most of them. How many of you experienced the "New Year's Resolution" syndrome where you make a promise only to have broken it by January 3rd? This happens every year.

With Clarity Comes Power

The mind is a powerful mechanism. We cannot underestimate it's ability to create results in our lives. However, for us to unleash this device, we need to get clear about what it is we are seeking. Putting crystal clear desires into it will produce a viable avenue to follow. Attaining goals is nothing more than breaking things down into a series of steps. Yet, one must know where he or she is heading before formulating those steps.

What do you want in life? This is the multi-million dollar question. Ask this of most people and they will give you vague answers. The reason for this is because they have no idea what they want out of life. Instead, they will tell you what they do not want. Or, if they do tell you, they will state something general such as "I want to lose weight". Each of these situations provides no power since there is absolutely no clarity in the thinking.

So again, what do you want in your life? I want you to think about this question long and hard. Spend days and weeks going over it again and again. The answer to this question holds the key to your entire life. All happiness and fulfillment are tied to reaching the proper conclusion. I can assure you once you have clarity, your life will take on new meaning.

It is time to design your life. Success is a reasonably simple exercise since so many are adept at failing. The biggest thing they fail at is not being proactive in their lives. Having clarity will automatically put you in the upper 1% of all the people out there. Again, the average person has no clue what he or she wants. Simply deciding for yourself separates you from the masses. Begin the process today.

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