How High Will You Go?

"Shoot for the stars so that if you miss you still hit the moon"

What are your aspirations? How high do you want to go? These are questions that everyone should ponder at some point in their life. Sadly, most never even consider something of this nature,. Instead, they spend more time thinking about what they will have for lunch than they do about what they want out of life.

Before any greatness can be achieved, it first must be developed in the mind. Think and so it shall become. The mind is the mechanism that starts the success process. In this arena, the only hindrance is what the mind establishes. We set our own limits.

The truth is that most people settle for a lot less than they are capable of. This is a universal truth. The masses tend to be sheep. Success is achieved only by those who are brave enough to go and grab it. It is not an easy path. Thus, most opt for the safety that society promotes. In the end, the dreamers are ridiculed as a means of conformity. A few ignore what the masses to say and achieve all that life has to offer. Greatness can be had if you are will to set it as a goal.

So, how high will you go? Are you willing to ponder the greatness that is within you? When you establish goals, are you seeking to attain "superstar" status or do you wish things to "improve"? The onset of this process makes all the difference in the end. Dream like a billionaire will create a different end when compared to someone who dreams in terms of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even in success, the later will fall short of the former.

I challenge you to increase your thinking in terms of what you want. The world is a limitless lode if you are willing to tap into it. This is the key. You need to decide exactly how high you aspire to. There is no reason why you cannot attain tremendous heights. Resist the temptation to sabotage yourself success by thinking "small".

What I want you to do is choose one aspect of your life. Decide to become the very best person walking the planet in that area. If it is weight loss, as an example, make a decision to have the best body on the planet. Begin to think, act, and behave as if you were the top person on the planet. Even if you do not get the best body, you will be a lot better than if you set the goal to lose "a few pounds". You can see how success is in direct proportion to the success level you mentally set down.

Begin the path to greatness today by lifting your sights to a much higher level. Settling for less than you can become is akin to murder; it is killing your potential. Shed those mental bonds today and watch what happens.

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