The Winner's Mindset

A lot is made about the mental outlook people have in regards to success. The reason is because success first starts in the mind. Everything that transpires originated as a thought. Therefore, having the right mental conditioning is of paramount importance. Fortunately, for those who are seeking to get to the top, the competition in this area is limited.

Most seek to be comfortable. This is true no matter what facet of life we are referring to. People simply do not like pain and leaving one's comfort zone can be painful. Rejection, failure, and disapproval are things that we are all taught to avoid. However, they are also the exact qualities which are needed for substantial success. Look at anyone who accomplished any great feat and you will realize that all these were experienced on multiple occasions.

The winner's mindset is what separates him or her from the rest of the crowd. Quite simply, people at the top think differently than others. For example, Warren Buffet doesnt think about making a few dollars in the stock market. His mindset is tuned for billions. Making $10,000 is something that does not interest him. The same is said for Tiger Woods in the field of athletics. He seeks to win every golf tournament that he enters. Many are out there looking to make the cut (the 36 hole cutoff which makes the difference between going home and getting paid) whereas Woods is seeking to put himself in position to win.

As you can see, what you focusing upon at the start directly affects the results you achieve. Those who set their sights low usually achieve that level. However, success can be increased simply by lifting your standards. It is an activity that costs you nothing and anyone can do. Focus intense attention on how you think and you will increase you success substantially even if all other things remain the same.

To illustrate this point, I will use the reverse scenario from what I just mentioned. What happens when the winner loses the mindset that made him or her so successful? As you can guess, performance goes down. Tiger Woods is an example of this here also. His play this year after his off the field developments is abysmal. Some are questioning whether he should even be playing. Woods' confidence is shaken. The invincibility that he had is gone. On the golf course, he is again a mere mortal. The winning edge in his mind is removed.

Some will attribute his poor play on losing his swing coach or some other minor points. The truth is that Woods is beating himself with his mental state. His ability has not dwindled in the least. It is his mind that went south and took his game with it.

If it can happen to a champion like Woods, it can happen to you. On the bright side, however, is that you can also (re)capture the mindset the moment you decide you want to think like a champion. Of all the obstacles in life, the most powerful are those we erect in our minds. Remove them and the path to the top is much easier.

My challenge to you is to stop thinking like everyone else. Most people have aspirations of being comfortable. If you dont believe me, just ask them. Ask 100 people what they want most out of life and that is what most of them will tell you. They want to be comfortable by living a conservative lifestyle. Remaining in their comfort zone is where they view happiness. However, success lies in the discomfort. Stretching your thinking to include all that is possible is the starting point. Expand your world by expanding your mental conditioning. This is how you are going to change your life. I know because I am one that did that exact thing. Follow this prescription and I am certain you will get similar results.
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