Do you realize the consequences of your choices? Is this something that you sat down and truly considered? I find that most people never give a thought to the decisions they make and the consequences they have. This is another example how most walk through life completely blind.

The truth is that every decision we make creates a result. Naturally, not all decisions are life and death. Nevertheless, over time, all of the choices we opt for add up to a direction that we are following. Ultimately, our entire life is nothing more than a series of choices.

Many like to complain about the predicaments they find themselves in. Listen to someone who is a smoker bitch about how tough it is to quit smoking. Well, didnt that person decide to start smoking at some point. The same is true for the stock market. Individuals losing money commiserate how the market is going against them. Who bought the stock that is plummeting?

My point is that every situation can be traced back to a choice that you made. Therefore, you need to take responsibility by admitting that you choose your current circumstance. No matter what the predicament, you opted for it. Naturally, you thought things would turn out differently, but they did not. Life has a way of doing that. Accept it.

If I want to change my life, I must do two things. The first is to acknowledge the power my choices have in creating the results in my life. Everything that I am presently experiencing is because of a choice I made at some point in the past. My life was created by the decisions that I made.

The second thing that I need to do is to start making different choices. Following the same thought pattern will result identical outcomes. Sometimes it is best for me to simply do the opposite thing than what I think is right. I experienced points in my life where my thinking was that broken. Nevertheless, making different decisions lead to different actions which lead to different outcomes. This is how we forge a new path in life.

Consider this post as you travel throughout your next few days. Be mindful of the thoughts that go through your head and the options you are presented with. Ask yourself if this is a decision you normally would make. If it is, perhaps it is best to try something different. A new life direction is only one choice away.
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