The Right People

I am going to stir up a lot of controversy here by stating simple that most people are not worth the trouble. This sounds like a cold thing to say but when you look at the quality of people that exist within society, you soon realize that most are a detriment to you. The energy needed to sustain these people is wasted since they offer nothing in return.

The psychological community calls the people I am referring to as energy vampires. They are the ones who will suck all the energy out of you. A conversation with a person of this nature will leave you tired and spent. The sad thing is you know it is going to happen before you even start interacting with them. In fact, we often try to avoid them and hope they do not see us. Nevertheless, we are ultimately cornered by them.

People tend to be courteous so they will not tell people to go get stuffed. Instead, they politely listen while looking for any opportunity to get away. You can notice their mannerisms as they try to walk away. Of course, because the vampire is often a social ingrate, he or she will follow yapping the entire way.

Maturity is something that many people lack. Surf the online community and you will see people with huge self esteem issues trying to "be somebody". They flame out entire threads just to make their point. Any viewpoint that is not in agreement is immediately wrong. This is reminding of the behavior of school children on the playground. Most of these people never evolved from that level.

Success requires the assistance of many people. Of course, if you spend your time tending to the energy vampires, there is nothing left for you to move forward. For this reason, I say that it is best to clear these type of people out of your life. It matters none how long you have known him or her. The bottom line is one is either helping you or hindering you. If they fall into the latter, they need to go.

Most like to be victims. It became a national pastime. We are a bunch of whiny moochers. If something doesnt go our way, we are quick to point the finger at everyone else and try to place the blame elsewhere. Then we turn around and have to tell everyone about it. "Woo is me" is our national anthem.

Of course, this is a losers outlook. Anyone who is committed to making themselves something are apt to look at things a different way. Nevertheless, we cannot control the attitude of our friends and family. We can, however, choose whether we sit and listen to them. My advice is to exit as soon as possible. The toll you pay is not worth it in the end.

If you look at most people in your life, the majority will be takers of some sort. Most relationships are one-sided with one party carrying the load. This places a bigger burden on that person that is required. Ultimately, situations like this result in the overall abilities of both. The first has no interest in anything other than taking and the second tires.

Thus, clear the energy vampires and anyone who is not a help to you out of your life. It is wonderful to have friends and associates. However, if they are impeding your progress to success, they are your enemy. Remember this the next time someone is sucking you dry energetically.
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