Give 100%

"If you are going to do it, you might as well do it right"

Have you ever heard this saying before? This is something that I was told over and over many years ago by my grandmother. I think this was her favorite saying. Of course, being a child/early teenager, this was the last thing that I wanted to hear. It drove me nuts each time I heard her say it.

Over the years, this saying has taken on new meaning for me. While it is obvious at the surface level, this statement actually contains a great deal of wisdom. When I looked at it deeply, I soon realized that this simple saying held a key to success. Implementing it is a clear path to high achievement.

We need to define something before we can have a clear understanding of what this statement means. When we refer to the word "right", what does that entail? To me, doing something right means performing that action to the best of my ability in that moment. Certainly others have expectations about how things should be done. However, I may or may not be able to perform to their desired ends. This does not necessarily make me "wrong". If I am acting in accordance to the best that I can offer in that moment, then I am doing it "right".

This brings us to another facet of this concept. What is the best that I can do? The answer to this question is what I write about regularly on here. All the techniques I mention all comprise what it takes for me to be the best I can be. For example, 100% focus is something that instantly increases my chance of success. When I concentrate my efforts exclusively upon what I am doing, I find my performance increase substantially. This is one thing I can do to perform at my best.

Another component is to give 100% effort to the task. This might require me changing my mindset especially when I am asked/required to do something that I do not particularly enjoy. Nevertheless, holding back effort because I detest something is not operating at my best level. Perhaps I need to focus upon the fact that my motivation is lacking and increase my level by quantifying it. Whatever is needed, I should look at doing to operate at my best.

This is what "doing it right" means to me. Simply, if I am following this concept, I am giving 100% to my present activity. I understand mistakes will be made but they act as a teacher in my book. Giving 100% effort is one of the easiest methods to separate yourself from the masses. Most operate fall below their capability. Remember this when you are faced with a task. Whatever level you are at, double your effort. You will notice instant results.

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