Other Cultures

I like to write about mindset on this blog. One of my favorite pastimes is to learn/study different cultures of the world. It is amazing how much you can learn from this practice.

There is a large world out there. Too often, we get so focused upon our own "little world" that we see in front of us. Realizing that there is so much more removes the mental limitation we often put upon ourselves.

When I read about "far away lands" I find that my mind wanders. The dreaming mechanism is instantly awakened. What would it be like to live in that area for a summer? How would my life differ in that culture? What can I take from them and bring into my daily life? These are all things which run through my mind.

Other cultures make us appreciate our own. Gratitude is a basic component of those who experience regular happiness. There are many cultures we can look at and feel a longing. Nevertheless, there are also many which make us grateful that we grew up in the one we did. For example, study the daily life in Cuba or China the last 40 or 50 years. This will lead to a sense of gratitude for being part of the Western world.

Life is about expanding our horizons. Everyone needs to think on a larger scale. Look at the ways other people live and contrast that with your life. Are there things that you can learn from them? Consider this point as you are reading. It will be to your benefit.
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