Think, Act, Adjust

Here is a simple system for success in any area of life. Following these three steps will ensure you move forward in a consistent manner in the direction that you prefer. In the end, you will achieve what you desire in life.

Few people spend time thinking about what they truly want in life. Many are following the dreams that others set down for them. They made a decision to pursue a particular path at 17 or 18 and find themselves in the same profession decades later. Each day is justified by pointing to the fact that "I do alright at it". Never do they consider what truly inspires them.

This is offset by spending some time in thought. Choosing our life takes courage and willingness. The internal searching often is a frustrating process yet will yield magnificent dividends when done. Think about what you desire out of life. Get a mental picture of the model you want in your head. Life is not a "one size fits all deal". It is up to the individual to design his or her dream life.

After thinking, it is time to take action. More people stumble here than at any other point in life. Fear is a constant enemy for most people. Sadly, it is also the victor. Many allow fear to prevent them from taking the action which will lead to their dreams. They justify this by alluding to the fact that "this isnt the perfect time". Here is a lesson for you: there is no perfect time. The time to get started is immediately. Life is too short to squander away because of fear.

Success is a result of action. Nothing in this world is created without some type of action. All dreams exist on the invisible plane. What makes them reality is action. It is the bridge between the invisible and visible world. Taking control of the fear monster is what allows us to step forward. Systematic action always leads to successful results.

The final piece is to make adjustments. Many fail to act because they are fearful (again) about making the wrong decision. Bad decisions are a part of life. Those who are successful overcome the fear of making a poor choice by knowing they can adjust later. Nobody said we had to attain perfection. The need to "get it right" is what often prevents people from stepping forward.

Take the action and adjust as necessary. If you see yourself moving down the wrong path, alter your plans. We see this done all the time when building a home. There will be multiple set of plans created as the project moves forward. As design challenges arise, the architects amend the plans to solve the unanticipated issues. They adjust based upon their original decisions.

So, think, act, and adjust. Implement this process into all that you do each day. You will find that your life moves ahead at a much faster pace when you follow this outline. Success is closer than you think.
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