Life Is Simple

We all complicate the hell out of life. When you think about it, life is rather simple. There are only a few basics that need remembering. After that, throw the rest away.

Life is simple. You just make a series of choices and never look back. How profound. Did you ever consider how basic our existence really is? Yet, people foul this up by complicating the entire situation.

"Life is a series of choices". Every moment of the day we are making decisions. Who do we spend our time with? How are we using that time? Are we selecting choice A over choice B? Throughout the day, we are continually making decisions with regards to our time. When we make productive decisions, we get better results.

Of course, there will be times when we make poor decisions. This is where we want to "never look back". Reflection is a healthy and helpful part of life. Every situation is either a success or a lesson. Learning where things went wrong is beneficial in our future pursuit.

That is not what I am referring to what saying "never look back". Instead, I am alluding to the fact that people beat themselves up over the wrong choices they make. They allow guilt and frustration to enter into their present moments. This alters the decisions at hand. It becomes a snowball effect where fear and guilt become the deciders. This will always lead to more bad decisions.

Keep life simple. There is a tendency to over complicate things. The mind is a wonderful mechanism when controlled. However, for most, it is out of control. Our minds conjure up all kinds of scenarios which have no basis in reality. Therefore, learn to let all those illegitimate thoughts of fear, guilt, and worry melt away.

Make a decision and don't look back. If you make the wrong decision, then you will be confronted with a chance to make another one. That is how life works. Keep it simple; it is much easier.
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