The Greatest Obstacles

People consistently will talk about all the obstacles they face in life. There is no doubt that issues such as illness, finances, and relationships can create tremendous challenges. However, these are not the things that hold people back. It is what is inside that creates the greatest obstacle to personal success.

People are not stopped from the outside. Rather, the obstacles that hinder people's progress are totally within them. This sounds insane to the untrained person yet all successful people know this to be true. What is it that has consistently stopped you your entire life? It was not the situations since they change over time. We are stopped by those thoughts and feelings we consistently carry with us.

A successful life is accomplished on a daily basis. Many look for the "big bang" success which is rare. Overnight successes are the oddity. Most attain success by taking daily action in the direction they want to move in. This is done by a daily conquest of one's thoughts and emotions.

The self help industry has existed for thousands of years. I believe Jesus was the greatest self-help teacher there was. He laid a program that helped people to overcome fear and showed people how to live a successful life. Notice none of his strategies dealt with making money or running a business. He focused on the internal makeup of an individual.

This concept was also stressed by other great teachers throughout history. All spiritual leaders talk about "going inward" to find solutions. Conquering oneself preceded the conquering of the world. This is something that held since the early times.

If you want to master your world, it is best to master yourself. We need to identify and focus upon those things which are stopping us. All success is first created within. Take control of your life on a daily basis. Overcoming fear and procrastination is not a one time event. It is something that needs to be achieved on a daily basis, multiple times a day.

In summation, the greatest challenge you face is controlling your thoughts and your emotions. Everything that you realize on the outside is a manifestation of what occurs on the inside. If you are consistently experiencing lack and need, concentrate on motivating yourself to take the action to solve these problems. Fear is something that your mind invents. It is not real. However, we all buy it until it controls our lives. We should no more believe in this animal than we do in Santa Claus. They both are equally as real.

To achieve all your success, first go inward. That is where your solutions lie.
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