Be Bold

If you want something to focus upon in your daily life which will change your journey, it is boldness. People who are highly successful tend to do things in bold ways. This is one of the major things that separates them from others.

Have you ever seen a meek person? This is someone who appears to be afraid of his or her shadow. Every action that person takes is tentative. It is almost as if they are unsure of themselves.

How does that contrast with people who are bold? Picture that person in your mind. Are they tentative? Not likely. Instead, they appear to be moving with a sense of confidence. Every action stands out.

Why do I bring this up? The truth is that nobody attained success on his or her own. Success is a team effort. The key is to attract people who will assist in your endeavors. People, by their nature, are attracted to those who are certain. Nobody wants to follow a leader who is completely unsure. Tentativeness is not a trait that is consistent with success.

Success requires bold actions. Beginning today, I want you to behave in a manner that is consistent with someone who is bold. Be careful. There is a difference between being bold and being a jerk. I am not telling you to act like a dictator.

By bold I mean approach all you do with a sense of certainty. Be willing to step out of your usual comfort zone and take some risks. The world rewards risk takers. Those who "play it safe" end up living an unfulfilled life. There is magic in being bold.

Ask yourself throughout your day, "what would someone who is bold do in this situation?". Consider how they would walk, talk, and behave. What is their demeanor like? Their body language? Try to implement that into your routine for a few days. You will be amazed at how differently you are received.
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