Use Your Anger

Everyone gets angry periodically. There are simply certain things in life which irritate us. This feeling is magnified when the anger is caused by something we, ourselves, did. In others words, we are peeved at ourselves.

My study of human behavior leads me to believe that people will not make changes until they have felt enough emotional pain. It is sad to say but pain is a better motivator for change than pleasure. People will only take a different path once they suffered enough.

A prime example is the alcoholic. This person's drinking is a problem long before he or she admits it. Others around that person see it. However, the alcoholic will not seek recovery until he or she felt enough pain. Only then will the new path be forged.

That being said, what do you do when you get into those situations where you are upset with yourself? Most, I found, waste this opportunity for success. Instead, they allow it to pass without taking advantage of the pain they experience.

Anger can be a wonderful motivator because it is such a powerful emotion. This power can drive us to reach new heights if we use if for productive purposes. Using our anger is what allows us to harness it's power. This turns it into something productive.

So, how can we use the anger which is directed at ourselves? Ideally, we want to make this the motivating force behind us forging a new path. We all need to get to the point where we say "enough".

The next time you are beating yourself up over something you did (or did not do), use your anger to your advantage. Resolve in that moment to never let that happen again. Whatever your shortcoming was in that situation, take every action to ensure things turn out differently in the future. There is a lesson in everything. Learn whatever the circumstances are presenting and be motivated to alter your behavior. This is how you create a positive out of a negative.
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