Get The Day Started Right

Over the last few weeks, we discussed how action is the bridge from the invisible to the visible world. It is what takes an idea and makes it reality. Sadly, most fall short at this phase of their progress. Fear in the form of procrastination takes over resulting in self-sabotage. Moving ahead in an active manner is crucial to our success.

I often mention having a list of things that you want to get done on a particular day. This helps to visually see all that you are trying to accomplish. Many suggest using this technique for personal success. However, I find that there is a thought that says start with the hardest activity first. Thus, if you complete the difficult tasks, your day will be complete even if all is not done.

Over the years, I dealt with people who were bitten by the procrastination bug. To a person, this method was a total failure. People who put things off are not going to compensate for the by handling a difficult task first thing in the morning. They will seek other ways to delay confronting that activity.

Momentum is a force that the most successful are able to harness. When we get something flowing, momentum builds which "pushes" us further ahead. Instead of continual struggle, we have energy helping us. Nevertheless, to build momentum, it is necessary to first get started. And, for a procrastinator, this is often an impossible task.

In these situations, I prefer to have 4 or 5 items at the top of the list that are rather easy to accomplish. Completing simple tasks while crossing them off is what helps to create some momentum. In other words, it gets the person started in the right direction. They start their day off right by building the immediate momentum. Then, they are better prepared to move onto some of the tougher tasks.

Following a system like this helps to set the tone for the day. People often fall into habitual behavior which causes them to suffer. Instead of starting productively, they begin by going to their favorite time wasters. Some will turn on the television while others surf the net. Regardless of the mechanism, success is not created in these activities.

Success is not a secret. It is a simple as deciding what you want and taking the action to get yourself there. No success was ever attain without action. Start you day right by completing a few items in a quick fashion. This will help you to build some momentum.
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