The Awe Of It All

I write a lot about focus. Often, the most successful people have the ability to concentrate their focus like a laser beam. This is one of the things that separates then from the pack. However, there is a time when we need to step back to look at things from a different perspective.

Last night, I came home and flipped on the television. There was a rocket being shown on the launching pad at NASA. Being so close, I decided to go outside and watch it. Rockets launched at night are an amazing display. I have personally seen the shuttle go up at night half a dozen times. It is always amazing to see that in person.

The rocket last night went up a lot quicker then the shuttle. Nevertheless, it was an incredible thing. To see something so powerful cutting through the night sky is beyond words. It is so beautiful against the backdrop of the stars. I really got the big picture of just how large the universe really is.

I bring all this up for context. We often focus on the magnitude of our "problems". When I do something like last night, I realize how "small" life really is. Now, that comes contrary to a lot of what I teach. Nevertheless it is helpful to gain a different viewpoint at times.

Looking up at the night sky always fills me with wonder. I am in awe of what is out there. There are literally thousands (or millions) of stars and planets. The Earth is just one in a fleet. Simply, there is so much more out there.

The same force that created all of that devised us. We all have magical powers to design our lives however we want it to be. There is no limit to what we can accomplish regardless of the magnitude. Great things are achieved by people with big visions. I find no bigger picture than the canvass that is the night sky.

Live your life with a bit of awe. There are many amazing things that occur each day. Be mindful of the "miracles" that take place each day. Stop fretting about the things that really do not matter. Like the old saying goes "this too shall pass". There is an entire universe that is operating perfectly. It will not crumble if you falter at your present activity. Simply pick yourself up and move on.

Life, like the universe, is an amazing creation. Take the time to treasure it.
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