Fear: The Unseen Enemy

Have you ever stopped to consider how much fear controls the average person's life? This is the single greatest obstacle to success that exists. There is nothing else on this planet that even comes close to destroying as many dreams as fear does. The mastering of this single emotion will set you on the path to instant success.

Fear is something that exists entirely in our head. Now, when I talk about fear, I am not referring to the fight or flight instinct that humans are born with. This sort of fear is a benefit when we find ourselves in a situation where physical danger is present. The fight or flight trigger has physical benefits to ensure our survival. It is not this which stops people's progress.

When I mention fear, I am alluding to the mental creation which prevents us from taking action. It is that little voice which tells us everything is wrong. We "see" images in our minds of failure or rejection which puts us on edge. All projections are negative, thus picturing a horrific outcome. This is the fear which stops people dead in their tracks.

Fear is the unseen enemy of success. It is the overriding factor in most individual's lives. Sadly, it is not something that exists. Fear is a production of the mind. It is not something that one can touch, taste, or fear. The entire reason it is there is to prevent one from entering into the unknown.

This is the reason fear exists. The mind abhors the unknown. Instead, it prefers certainty. That being said, understand the mind will do anything to create that certainty for itself. Fear is a powerful weapon against you entering into the unknown. Anytime there is a doubt in your mind of how things will work out, fear is used to sway you from going in that direction.

Many believe the status quo is safe. They seek out security in all they do. Unfortunately, all their choices are driven by fear. It becomes their jailer. The possibility of positive outcomes are discounted since the mind doesn't experience certainty there. All that is recognized is negativity. The mind literally scares you into making the choice that fear wants you to make.

Would you allow Santa Claus to run your life? Most sane adults would say "no". Then how come these same people will allow something just as illogical to run their lives. Santa Claus is a something believed in by children. He does not exist. Rational adults know it to be true since Santa Claus cannot be seen, touched, nor heard. As was just mentioned, the same is true of fear. It simply does not exist.

Fear creeps up on you and slowly drains your life. People who suffer from procrastination are almost paralyzed by fear. Over time, individuals will lose the ability to do even the easiest of tasks. Fear exists in all they do. However, it did not start that way. It is something that patiently took hold as the years past. That is why many call it the silent killer.

Be mindful of the fear you experience on a daily basis. It is something that is robbing you blind. Ask yourself throughout the day if what you are feeling is real. Identify what is really there. If it is fear-based, you will find nothing. Remember the tricks the mind plays. Whatever it is envisioning, there is no certainty that is how the situation will resolve itself. In fact, the odds are great that the circumstances will be resolved in a way that is more favorable then what you pictured.

Like Einstein said, "I fear 10,000 things in my life, most of which never came true".
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