Follow The Directions

Success leaves clues. There is no major secret to making your dreams come true. If you want to create anything in life, you only need to seek out those who achieved what you are wanting and follow their path. Life is literally that simple.

Yet, most people fail to take this step. I see so many who try to "reinvent the wheel". For whatever reason they believe that they have to figure it all out on their own. This style of independent thinking is what causes most to fail.

Remember what happened to you when you cheated in school. People who engage in this behavior get punished. Schools believe that copying is an awful trait to have. Sadly, that is why the educational system is pretty much worthless.

Here is a suggestion: in life, copy all that you can. Whatever you are seeking, copy from the person who already did it. This is called modeling. If you want to be a successful investor, copy the techniques of one who is successful. The same is true for relationships, athletics, and business. Copy all that you can. It will save you lots of mistakes.

What is one thing the successful can do that others cannot? They have the ability to follow the directions. If there is a path to what you want, simply follow the directions as they are laid out. If you want to be a success in sales, follow the directions of learning your product, making lots of calls, get some appointments, and ask for the business. Do this and you will achieve great sales numbers. The formula was already created.

Put the ego aside. Many believe that copying is beneath them. Well, there isn't much beneath them since they are pretty low on the success totem pole. The ones at the top know that success leaves clues. If we know where we are going and find the instructions to get there, then life becomes easy. It is when we give up the fighting that success will come to us.
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