The Seeds Of Greatness

What is it that makes you special? The answer to this question is your quest in life. It is also the key to your success. Most people are unfulfilled because they fail to look at this important question. Again, what is it that makes you special?

Look at any successful person and you will see their talent. It oozes out of every pore. Jim Carrey was meant to make people laugh. The same is true for Carson. Donald Trump builds magnificent buildings. And Sinatra was meant to sing. Success was a result of them getting in touch with the creative genius that is buried in each of us.

My belief is that it is impossible to fail if one is following this ingrained talent. Discovering it is your purpose in life. Once you uncover this, success comes to you fairly easily. The path might be wrought with difficulty yet you will enjoy the process because you are doing what you love. This is where work takes on the component of fun.

There is no question that successful people work extremely hard. Success eludes the lazy. However, the creation of wonderful results is what drives these people for long hours at a stretch. This is true whether you are referring to scientists, radio/television personalities, or the creator of businesses. In they end, they love what they do.

Have you ever seen a famous person asked "what would you be doing if you weren't an _________"? The most common answer is "I do not know". This is as honest as it gets. These people really cannot envision themselves doing anything else. Kurt Russell was in acting since he was a toddler. Do you think he ever saw himself as anything other than an actor? Of course not.

The seeds of greatness are within you. Regardless of how your life transpired up to this point, there is so much more you have to offer. Your success and happiness lies in finding that creativeness within you. What can you "build" that will have appeal to others? Creativity can be applied to any profession. Perhaps it is developing a new way to get through to your students. Revolutionizing the educational field is something that the world is waiting for. Or, maybe you can improve a neighborhood project which will give pleasure to many for years to come. No matter what it is, there is something that is within you which is itching to burst forth. Uncover this to instantly give your life new meaning.
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