Do you ever feel like you are all over the place? I know this is something that I struggle with quite often. My mind has a tendency to drift while taking my focus along with it. For years, I battled the habit of bouncing from one project to the next. This led me to create lackluster results. Contained in this situation is a valuable lesson which I can attribute much of my success to.

Focus is one of the main components of success. Many will mention the importance of persistence, goal setting, and self confidence as factors for their accomplishments. While these are are crucial components, I found that focus is the single quality which will instantly separate one from all others.

I mentioned in the past that the world pays for completion. We do not value someone who accomplishes part of the job. Sports is an example of how this is present. The team that leads the game for three quarters does not receive a partial victory. It is the one that is leading at the end which is rewarded. The same is true in business. Your company will not give you a promotion based upon how many projects you started. It is the number of projects completed which is how one is judged.

How can this apply to your immediate situation? The best way to cultivate this habit is to focus on whatever it is that you are working on. Since it is reading this article, complete it before doing anything else. Successful people have the ability to maintain their concentration until the task is completed. This is your challenge now.

Take this approach in all that you do. For the rest of the day, do not leave anything incomplete. If you start it, finish it. Ignore all the distractions which will take you away from what you are doing. Developing this habit is one of the most powerful things that you can do. It will immediately send your productivity through the roof.
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