Focus Part III

The last couple of post (part 1 and 2) dealt with the crucial success element of focus. In the last one, we dealt with the importance of having long term focus if you want to achieve your goals. Here we are going to look at the need to remain focused in the short term.

Productivity is the ability to get things done. It is that simple. Focus is the quality which enables us to do that. We need to focus upon a particular task until it is completed. Remember, the world rewards for things that are finished. Maintaining our present concentration is vital to our success rate.

It is easy to get distracted, especially in the short term. Each day, there are lots of interruptions which will take us away from our present task. Having the ability to block all the "noise" out is what enables you to enjoy the success of the highest achievers.

One of the most powerful techniques to increasing your productivity is the utilization of a "to do" list. This simple tool is overlooked by the masses yet is common among the highest achievers. They know the value of being in control of one's focus.

When I write out my "to do" list, I am setting forth my objectives for the day. This is a basic form of goal setting. Once I have my list set down, I know where I am to focus my attention. Each task is listed in front of me. As my day progresses, I can see what it still left unresolved. This enables me to concentrate on those areas.

Another benefit to this technique is the ability to refocus when I am distracted. Certainly, there are times when we need to drop what we are doing to take care of something more pressing. This is true no matter what aspect of life we are referring to. However, having a list permits me to return my focus to the proper area when the "emergency" is taken care of. Too many waste time trying to determine where they left off.

Controlling our short term focus is the most important skill for daily success. If you watch the top producers in any field, they are the ones who spend the majority of their time on the most important activities. Those who produce the least tend to be the ones who are walking around aimlessly. It is the time spent managing the focus which separates the two.
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