Recharge Your Batteries

We live in a world that is now 24/7. Cable news channels have all the information from around the world available all every second of the day. One can trade on a multitude of markets around the clock. Cellphones put us in constant touch with everyone.

While all these have their benefits, the downfall is that we do not get any time for ourselves. Relaxation is something that is necessary for all of us. We need to recharge our batteries. Failure to do so can lead to burnout in addition to other health issues. Take the time to relax.

Many deem the one who is constantly on the go as "admirable". We all met those who work 70-100 hours a week. They are always conducting business. Wealth and prestige comes to them at every turn. Yet, many drop dead at a young age from stress.

You should strive to be a well rounded individual. It is wonderful to work hard. That is a trait which I feel we need more of in this era. However, it is necessary to step back and relax. The old saying "work hard, play hard" holds merit. Recharging our batteries enables us to be more effective in the other areas of our lives.

This is something that we are losing. Today, I want you to spend some time engaging in an activity solely for the pleasure of it. Pick up that hobby you put down so long ago. Perhaps writing is something that gives you enjoyment. How about gardening? Puzzles? Choose anything that allows you to relax and get lost in the moment. You will feel so much better.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. So often we get lost in the "to do" lists. Take an hour today just for yourself. You deserve it.
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