Lack of Personal Responsibility

Here is a story which epitomizes the mindset of people in the United States today. Notice how personal responsibility is not part of the equation.

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As I watched the Presidential campaigns, I concluded that both candidates failed to promote personal responsibility as a value. Only once was it even mentioned, in a speech given by Sarah Palin. Instead, both Obama and McCain offered handouts to as many as they could.

Are there serious problems in this country? Absolutely. Will the government be able to solve them? In my opinion, not with the mindset our leaders have. Notice how they behave with regards to their own actions. The financial crisis is a prime example. Not a single person stood up and said, "I had a part in this". Rather, the "blame game" went into full swing.

So what is America voting for? According to the beliefs of this woman, we are seeking the person who will give us the most. I would overlook this statement if it was one rogue individual who wanted a "free lunch". However, I believe her attitude is more the norm. We are a culture that forgot what the principles of success are.

Personal responsibility tells me that I am responsible for the direction in my life. The decisions I make is what creates the results that I get. To alter my life, it begins with making different decisions. The choice to stop blaming everyone else is a wonderful place to start.

Will Obama pay this woman's mortgage? Unfortunately, I feel she will be disappointed if that is what she is expecting. A study of success tells me that those who put their dependence upon others are let down. This is true whether it is the government, a company, or other individuals. Personal responsibility is learning to be self sufficient in the face of changing environments. The reason why the statement "there are no free lunches" has stayed with us because it is true. Remember that as you move forward in the new political environment.
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