20 Ways To Change Your Life-Now

Most people want to change their life. However, they do not know where to begin. The problem is that human beings are creatures of habit and many find the habits they have do not lead them to a successful outcome. So I put together a list of 20 things you can do today which will change your life. Some of the things will alter your life path in the long term while others will change how you feel in the moment. Both have an impact of the degree of fulfillment we experience.

1. Turn off the t.v.

People are hypnotized by this device. Most of what we watch is intellectually empty. A periodic escape from life is healthy. However, too many spend hours each day flipping through the channels trying to find something worthwhile. Also, there is a great deal of negativity on the television. Turn it off and regain lost time while improving your attitude.

2. Stretch

Spend time stretching. This has an immediate impact of providing instant energy. Right now, stretch all your muscles from head to toe. Notice how much more energy you have by this simple action. In addition, we feel better as the years progress when we stretch daily. Our body is looser which helps offset the lose in elasticity. George Burns swore his secret was to spend 15 minutes each day stretching and he lived to 100. Solid advice.

3. Read for 30 minutes

This time is found by turning of the television. Spend 30 minutes a day reading to increase you knowledge. It is helpful if you pick up a book on a subject you never explored. This will peak your curiosity while potentially uncovering a subject you might fall in love with. Reading is relaxing, expands our knowledge, and stimulates our mental creativity.

4. Spend 15 minutes decluttering

We have too much stuff. There are items stuffed in every crevice of the house. Spend time each day going through different drawers discarding items that are not needed. Plan on filling a trash can each week while putting together a box of items for donation. Getting rid of old stuff increases the flow of energy within our surroundings.

5. Journal

This is a historic method of self therapy. We all have things bouncing around in our head. Writing is a way to get things out of the mental to a place where we can look at them. It makes it easier to deal with feelings and situations when we view it on paper. Writing each day will declutter some of the emotional/mental baggage that is weighing us down.

6. Drink more water

We are told that we need a minimum of 8 glasses of water. Most drink far less than this. Water is a terrific way to appease one's appetite thus causing us to eat less. Soda and other popular beverages are high in sugar and caffeine which adversely affect the body. Replace them with water will help to increase energy in addition to your overall health.

7. Have a salad with each meal

Greens help the body nutritionally. They also make one eat less at one sitting. Most people are overweight and the eating of a salad cuts down on the desire to have a second helping of pasta. Since our meals tend to be low in nutritional value, a salad helps to offer the body the good "fuel" it needs.

8. Learn a foreign language

It is easy with the Internet. Search for free courses and you will find lots of sites offering tutorials. Once you start on the language, a natural offshoot of that is to learn about the culture in that country. This will open up different opportunities in areas of travel, friends, and career.

9. Wake up earlier

Ben Franklin believed in the early to bed, early to rise. The morning hours can be really beneficial if applied properly. Too many get up and rush out of the house. Arising 30 minutes earlier will give you time to relax and consider your day. Perhaps this is the time you use to journal.

10. Create a daily to do list

This is one of the most powerful productivity tools. Writing down the activities you seek to accomplish clarifies your thinking while eliminating wasted time. Working from this list allows you to move effortless from one activity to another. This increases productivity-something that helps any business or career. Also, you will be sure to attend to the important tasks which often get lost when trying to handle the different emergencies throughout the day.

11. Spend 5 minutes thinking

Most people spend more time thinking about where to go on vacation then they do thinking about their life. Rumor is that Einstein would spend 30 minutes each day just thinking. Take a piece of paper and write down whatever ideas come to mind. You will be amazed how many opportunities come to mind during these sessions.

12. Spend time outside

We live in an indoor world. The human spirit enjoys the freedom from being outside. It is therapeutic to get in touch with nature and all it's wonders. Even if you are in a big city, spend 5-10 minutes looking up at the stars at night. Consider all there is out there and how incredible the universe is.

13. Create a vision board

This is an ancient technique which is used for great success. Spend a day with a piece of cardboard and some old magazines (remember our decluttering). Cut out pictures of things that represent what you want in life and attach them to your board. As you do this, a visual of your future life begins to emerge. Hang it where you can see it each day. Periodically amend it to better reflect your desires.

14. Go for a walk

You need not be a marathon runner. Walking is one of the healthier activities there is. It allows us to get outside and enjoy nature. Also, in addition to the health benefits, we can couple this with the socialization of another by getting a walking partner.

15. Savor your food

Food is a wonderful aspect of life. There is so much more to it than satisfying our hunger. However, we live in a fast paced world which necessitates eating on the run. We rarely enjoy what we are putting into our mouths. Savor every bite of the next meal that you eat. Turn off the television and eat in silence. Slow down and enjoy the process. This will stimulate you to try different things.

16. Join an organization/group

There is great enjoyment about being around like minded people. Each community has multiple groups or organizations that you can join. Some focus on civic contributions while others are based upon interests or hobbies. You will enjoy socialization, an increase in knowledge by learning from others, and be given an opportunity to contribute.

17. Strike up a conversation with a stranger

The next time you stand in line, talk with the person behind (or ahead of) you. An amazing thing happens: you learn they are human. Most live a "scared" existence by hurrying past people we do not know. Having the confidence to talk with anyone, anywhere helps us to become more social which increases happiness and career opportunities. This single action opens up a world of possibilities.

18. Partner with another in a business

Ownership is the key to success in most cultures. Historically, it was land; now it is a business. Find someone to start a business with as a means of affecting the financial resources of your family. You might find that a new career develops for you. Partnering also teaches us the value of a team. Two people working together are far more productive than working as individuals.

19. Get a pet (or a plant if the pet is not feasible)

Learning responsibility is a good thing. It is one of the keys to success. A pet (or plant) is totally dependent upon you. Also, they are always there when you come home. The joy that comes from taking care of something else is indescribable. Suddenly, you will have something else to focus upon.

20. Phone an old friend

We all lose touch of people we care about. Pick up the phone and call someone you were close to in the past. There is a good chance many of those same feelings are still there. Distance and time need not be reasons to keep a good friendship apart. Rekindle the emotions of old to find the fulfillment and happiness you once had.

You now have 20 things you can do today which will set your life in a different direction. Each of these actions is simple. Yet it is the simplicity which makes them effective. Try each of them for a week and see how differently you feel. This will lay the foundation for an entirely new life.
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