What Do You Truly Want?

This is a question that seems to plague most people. Recent events have increased the fear among the general population. People's fears are starting to show through. At present, we are faced with extreme financial conditions with the economy and the financial markets heading south.

Many people find themselves in a bind since they never decided what they truly wanted. We just witnessed an election cycle which told me that people had no clue what they were voting for. Barack Obama ran on the issue of change. That is a wonderful platform in a time of crisis. However, he never explained how he was going to fix the problems that plague the country. Nevertheless, people voted for him because they want that change.

Here is an interesting exercise: ask those people who are looking for change what it is they want? You will be surprised that most people have not a clue. They just want things "fixed". This is where they are vulnerable to having circumstances disrupt their lives. Without the clarity, one cannot know where he or she is headed. Also, there is no barometer which determines the level of succes or failure.

This is an indiciation of what people think about in their life. Few sit down to actually decide what they want. Instead, they "go with the flow" bouncing from one situation to the next. Circumstances dictate what their decisions are. They take the reactive approach to their lives.

Answering this question begins to give you a proactive stance. You are the one who decides what you want out of life. This journey can be anything that you want it to be. Spend some time determining what it exactly is you want. It will instantly set you on a different path.
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