Get Moving

This is the easiest way to change your life instantly. Whatever it is that ails you, movement will automatically alter everything. This is something that is applicable in this moment as well as your long term outcomes.

People feel certain things in the present moment. Joy, happiness, and elation are all emotions recognized in the "now. The same is true for depression, boredom, and anger. Obviously, experiencing the former is beneficial while we want to try to avoid the later.

There are times when we are going to feel down. The easiest way to alter those negative feelings is to get moving. Stand up and go do something. Tony Robbins says that "emotion is created by motion". You have a different physiology when you are active as opposed to sitting on the sofa eating potato chips. In that moment, you can overcome the depression, as an example, by going for a walk. It is not a long term fix but will improve your life in that moment.

Our long term successes are improved when we get moving. The difference between a plan and an outcome is action. This is the bridge which gets an idea from you head and produces in a tangible way. All success is the result of some type of physical activity. The same is true for you life.

So, you want to change your life? Well, get busy doing something. Pick up a book. Write down some goals. Begin working out. Enroll in a course at a local college. Whatever it is, begin by taking some action. This is the best way to set your life on a different path.

In working with others, I find it easiest to turn people who have challenges but are busy into success stories. The reason is they have the key to achieving anything they want. The solution is a to get them onto the proper path for what they want to attain. On the other hand, those who are continually omitting taking action are more of a challenge. Until they get moving, little will help them. Any new knowledge gained is wasted.

Therefore, get busy to change your life. Regardless of where you are at in this moment, get off your duff and go do something. Taking action is a necessary habit for success. It is created one action at a time.
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