"Nutty" Life?

"Life should be a little nuts or it's just a bunch of Thursdays strung together"
-Beau Burroughs in Rumor Has It

Is your life a little nuts or is it in complete chaos? Or worse, is it so monotonous that it is boring? Most people fall into either of these two categories. "Nuttiness" is the ability to walk that fine line between planning and not even thinking about the future.

There is an old saying "plan as if you will live forever but live as if you are going to die tomorrow". This also captures the essence of walking that fine line. Those who successful navigate this are able to live in a fulfilled manner.

As mentioned in other articles I wrote, most people do not think about their futures. They never take the time to answer the question "what do you truly want". Instead, they opt to take on life circumstances as they come. The situations that arise run their life as opposed to them making a decision as to which direction they will go. They want things to change but have no idea what that change is.

The other side is those people who over plan. We have all met those people along our journey. They have every detail of their lives written out in a way to disallows flexibility. These people are usual termed "anal". They do not allow for any spontaneity in life. Life literally is a bunch of Thursdays strung together.

My suggestion is to add some nuttiness to your life. Get away from your usual routine. Planning and goal setting are fabulous tools for creating a successful life. However, there is another part of us that cherishes the "wild" side of things. It is important to attend to this part of ourselves occasionally.

The image that I like is that of the biker gang who are free to travel wherever they desire. Naturally, the glamor of that lifestyle is an illusion created by Hollywood. However, it is a fascinating mindset. My inner child wants to take on that way of life full time. Of course, this is not practical but does show the inner need for change. Attending to my "other half" by putting away my lists is an action I need to take periodically.

Begin to look for ways to spice things up a bit. Naturally, I am not advocating quitting your job, selling your house, and travel the country as a vagabond. Extreme is not what this article is about. The idea is to strike the balance between the two worlds so that you have that contrast. Give yourself some simple, unintended pleasures which will counterbalance all your planning and systematic goal getting. You will find that you are a more productive person when you do get back to that "other world".

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