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Many come to me asking "how do I create the life that I want?". This is an interesting question which leads me to answer "what do you want in life?". It is at this point that I usually get a blank stare. The truth is that most really have no idea what they want their life to look like. This is one of the main reasons why they inevitably spend years going in circles.

Creating your life starts with deciding what you want. Our life is first developed in the mind before it can ever become a reality. Without this basic part of the process, we are doomed to follow the ideas of someone else.

Society has a way of determining what is best for us. When I say society, I am referring to all the influences that touch our lives. They could be parents, teachers, employers, spouses, etc... Each of these people has an idea of what is best for us, of how to be successful in this culture.

Sadly, few to take the time to decide what he or she wants. People will spend more time planning a vacation than they will laying a path for their life. The few that do consider what they want enjoy more success and happiness.

It is time to get clear in your mind what it is that you want out of life. Clarity is a powerful weapon. I want you to write down exactly how you want life to be 10 years from now. Shake off the limitations of the mind. Societal training will arise at every new thought. Part of the process is to turn off the ideas of those who influenced us to get to the core of what we want.

You will find this is one of the most valuable exercises you ever engage in. The greatest minds in the world spent considerable time in thought. It is best if we follow their example. Determine what is the most desirable thing that you want. Whatever it is, write it down and place it where you can see it. Each night, look at it and ask yourself "did I shape my day to move towards this outcome?". This process starts to move the goal/desire/wish to the conscious level. You suddenly find that your actions begin to mirror what you wrote down.

For example, if you want to have a loving, intimate relationship with a special someone, write that desire on a card and post it. Each day, ask yourself the above question. Obviously, if you want this to come to fruition, it is necessary to shape your actions so that they put you in position to meet people. Each day, do this. Eventually, you will achieve the result you desire.

Clarity is the most powerful tool we have. Get clear in what you want so that you can start to work towards it beginning this moment. The creation of the life you want is at hand.
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