Live At 100%

Here is a topic that does not get covered much but is extremely important to success and happiness. The image in my mind is the morose attitude people have when going to work each Monday morning. To me, this is indicative of the passion people have for life. It seems that most are operating at a very low level.

Consider the difference between the words "trudge" and "skip". Do you trudge through your day or merrily skip along? This sounds like an insane question but it uncovers a great deal. My conclusion is that most trudge along hoping that something different comes along in the future. Naturally, it rarely does.

I once had a mentor who's mantra was "live at 100%". Can you imagine how different your life would be if you put forth 100% in everything that you do? Success would come to you in droves. However, this might be close to a impossibility. It is very difficult to be "up" in every situation.

Nevertheless, is it possible to improve your life by increasing you level from where you are now. Most tend to be low energy until they encounter something they love. We all know is it easier to get up early to go golfing than it is to go to work. Those who "trudge" are operating at a low level; perhaps 10%-20%. If this is your situation, we can immediately create different results by increasing this. Even a doubling of the way we approach life will net us fantastic results.

Begin to get excited about the results you are creating. Life is a fantastic adventure flexible enough to contour it in any way desired. The only moment that you have control over is the present. Make the most of this moment while ignoring the others. Increase your power by eliminating fear and projection. This allows us to focus on the present task at hand. Utilize this approach in all that you do today and you will notice a remarkable difference in your results.
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